Welcome to Radio De Schans

Welcome to Radio De Schans The very best music from the 70s to the present with live your favorite DJs.

Radio De Schans not only offers a fantastic listening experience on the radio, we also broadcast many of our radio shows Live

Radio De Schans has been developed to provide you as a listener with great music from the 60s, 70s and 80s until now. The station was conceived by hobbyists. Many of our shows are presented "live", giving you the opportunity to interact with us while we are online.

Finally a radio station with wonderfully warm presenters and a good live radio, which is refreshing. Keep up the good work and love everything about this station.

Listening to Radio De Schans is a breath of fresh air great music that brings back wonderful memories, listening to music I haven't heard in years.

Of course, you can call Siri or Jaap or Alexa? But  you can also download our free android app! Simple and always Radio De Schans with you.